Greetings, my name is Michael "Brandon" Morris. I graduated in May 2018 from the University of South Carolina Honors College with a My language of choice is C#, and I have experience with a variety of engines, frameworks, and tools including:

I know a variety of other languages including:

In my spare time, I stay in shape by playing pickleball and racquetball. As a board member of the South Carolina Racquetball Players Association, I assist with the planning and running of our annual state singles and doubles championships. I also help coach the University of South Carolina racquetball club team, of which I was an officer during my time at school. My current personal programming project (private at the moment) is a web application to replace the existing and outdated tournament software used for pickleball and racquetball tournaments. I also enjoy gaming, and will play a variety of genres including co-op games with my friends, casual e-sports, and single-player titles.


These are my publicly released projects. Click on any of the titles to view more details for the project.

Active Directory Tool
C# WPF application to query active directory.
Dynamic Text
C# class library for WPF that allows for addition and removal of text boxes.
Directory Permission Tool
C# WPF application to get permission data on files and folders as a CSV file.
C# class library with extension methods for built-in types.
File System Size Info Tool
C# WPF application to get size data on files and folders as a CSV file.
Kingsport Mill Safety Training
C# ASP.NET MVC web application for safety training at the Kingsport, TN paper mill.
C# class library for additional math functions.
PDF Tool
C# WPF application to convert documents to PDF and optionally apply a timestamp-on-print function.
Value Converters
C# class library with value converters for use in WPF.