C# class library with extension methods for built-in types.

This project is divided into several modules. Most modules can be installed independently of each other.

Name Description Types Extended NuGet
Collection Extensions Extensions for built-in collection types.
  • Array
  • IEnumerable
  • IList
Install-Package MichaelBrandonMorris.Extensions.Collection
Primitive Extensions Extensions for built-in primitive types.
  • Char
  • Double
  • Float
  • Object
  • String
Install-Package MichaelBrandonMorris.Extensions.PrimitiveExtensions
Principal Extensions Extensions for built-in principal types.
  • GroupPrincipal
  • PrincipalContext
  • Principal
  • PrincipalSearchResult
  • PrincipalSearcher
  • UserPrincipal
Install-Package MichaelBrandonMorris.Extensions.PrincipalExtensions
Web Extensions Extensions for built-in web types.
  • Controller
  • HtmlHelper
  • HttpPostedFileBase
Install-Package MichaelBrandonMorris.Extensions.Web
Other Extensions Extensions for miscellaneous built-in types.
  • StringBuilder
Install-Package MichaelBrandonMorris.Extensions.OtherExtensions