KingsportMillSafetyTrainingDbContext Properties

The KingsportMillSafetyTrainingDbContext type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Private property AddOrUpdateMapping
Protected property Answers
Gets or sets the answers.
Protected property Categories
Gets or sets the categories.
Public property ChangeTracker (Inherited from DbContext.)
Protected property Companies
Gets or sets the companies.
Public property Configuration (Inherited from DbContext.)
Public property Database (Inherited from DbContext.)
Protected property Groups
Gets or sets the training groups.
Public property RequireUniqueEmail (Inherited from IdentityDbContext.)
Public property Roles (Inherited from IdentityDbContext.)
Protected property Slides
Gets or sets the slides.
Protected property TrainingResults
Gets or sets the training results.
Public property Users (Inherited from IdentityDbContext.)